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Lindy Bootcamp in X-mas Camp 2017

- Декабрь 7, 2016 - by , in Без рубрики, with 0 -

Among the teachers of X-mas Camp 17 - Great Ksenia (Apo) Apozyants and Vladimir (Vogr) Grishin will lead Lindy Bootcamp

Lindy Bootcamp is not only will learn you show for the cabaret, but also to arrange a thorough «toasting» in all aspects of what is «cool lindyhoper «. 😉

In a couple of Vogr and Apo are the winners of a number of competitions. Individually, their achievements are no less impressive. Also their students have repeatedly won not only newcomers but the last of the Russian Championship won the Open category.

If you want be in the Vogr and Apo Bootcamp, please contact: