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Lessons details

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How the schedule works in Х-mas Camp-2017. Important details.

For each group (track / level) three or four classes will be conducted daily. Two of them will be only for those who had chosen this track during registration (level audition is needed, an appropriate bracelet is required), and the rest classes (in our previous posts, we’ve called them «open») for everyone interested with an appropriate bracelet.

Level auditions will be held also spend in two stages — the first one among those who had signed up for this track and then among other interested persons (who plan to participate in the open classes). This will help to get an acceptable balance and equal level of the participants. Everyone engaged in dance classes knows that’s 50% of success. 😉

And we’ll do our best to «split» basic track classes and «open» ones in the schedule to avoid potential interest conflicts!

And also we’ll have bonuses in their traditional form — without level or balance or amount of people restrictions!