«Dear friends, I would like to invite you to my intensive solo jazz classes at Moscow Christmas Camp! Our bootcamp of solo choreography has already become a fine tradition.
Like in the past few years, we will create a showcase that we’ll show later on stage. During this turbulent process, I will share with you my knowledge of dance, theatrical component, as well as jazz music, and how I hear and see it in motion. In the first lesson, we will have a small audition, since the number of people in the group is limited. Also, we’ll have only 7 classes for training, and therefore the level is set as Advance. And for the audition I will use several parts from the showcase.»
These are the ideas of costumes, clothes for Xenia’s bootcamp. References :
– railroad
– peaky blinders
– Oliver Twist movie










«New Year bootcamp from BOOGIE SAPIENS.
Level not lower than intermediate (basic figures + soundout), comfortable dancing pace 160 bpm.
Costumes: take with us white and red plain clothes and accessories.

«Dear friends, Join us for a balboa butcamp with a following performing at cabaret. Apart from having fun and making new friends you will have a possibility to bring your musicality and dancing technique at a new level. We also would like every participant to be involved into creating our routine together so all your crazy ideas are very welcomed. Registration is in couples. Level of balboa net less than 1 year.»

«We are happy to welcome you to our Lindy Hop Boot Camp!
During the camp we will be learning a tight, uptempo group choreography. We’ll be focusing on improving your feeling of composition, dance technique, and performance skills. As a conclusion we will perform the number last day of the camp.
If you are ready to be deeply dedicated to the performance, ready for digging into details, teamwork and dynamic dancing – come to the first hour of bootcamp with your partner and take part in selections for the team!
Our expectations from a participant:
⁃ existence of a partner
⁃ ability to perform on 7th of January
⁃ ability to be in all bootcamp classes and/or ability to rehearse during free time
⁃ advanced level in lindy hop which can be briefly described as: rhythm and shape awareness, sufficient level of contact in a couple, performance skills and some experience of learning a choreography
⁃bravery and self-confidence

«What does this year have in store for us? Which rhythms will captivate us? The most important ones! This year we’ll explore the world of New Orleans, “the crescent city”, “the birthplace of jazz”!
We will learn the New Orleans street beat, will sing (this time in English, phew) and dance and breathe in Mardi gras! Our song is Little Liza Jane, true folk music, that appeared on the streets of New Orleans in the 1910s. Listen to the song, enjoy, print out and learn the lyrics! Because we, body percussionists, are kings of neural networks, we create rhythms, sing and dance simultaneously!
Everyone is welcome to join us!