Daniil Nikulin

- Lindy hop - Solo jazz -

Dancer, teacher, choreographer.

One of the outstanding dancers of the “swing dance”, known throughout the world.

By the age of twenty-two, Daniil is already a multiple winner of competitions in Russia and abroad, a two-time swing dance champion of Russia and a popular international teacher.

An artist performing in Russia and abroad with his own choreography and unique style.

Daniil and Maria have been dancing for over 10 years, 7 of which they teach together. No matter what these two are dancing: boogie-woogie, lindy hop, or maybe something completely different – you will definitely notice the graceful style and first-class technique!

Dania and Masha have their special view on dance technique and philosophy, that gains more and more fans and followers while their traveling to Russian and foreign festivals. Having been in their classes, you will either be completely perplexed or absolutely admire it. Few will remain indifferent.


Daniil and Lindy Hop

Daniil and Solo Jazz

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- Lindy hop, Solo jazz -