Daria Chupyrkina

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Daria  & Dmitry have been dancing and teaching together since 2014. Daria started her dance career when she was 7. By the time she has met Dima in 2009, Dasha had already won numerous top-tier competitions in Russia and worldwide, become a well-recognized international teacher and had literally fallen in love with lindy hop.

As it turned out, Dima was also deep into swing music and dances and achieved impressive results too. Dima had won dozens of competitions, taught a series of sold-out workshops and earned a strong reputation as a top dancer in Moscow.

By forming a dance couple, each of them unleashed true potential and set new pinnacles to conquer. Today Dmitry and Daria are successful dance instructors who gladly share their experience with students and “infect” more and more people with a virus named “lindy hop”.

Daria and Lindy Hop

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