Fedor Nedotko

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Fedor Nedоtko was one of the first professional dancers in East European region to promote jazz dance, swing dance, African dance and salsa in the early 2000s. Based in St. Petersburg, Fedor remains one of the most influential instructors in Russia and its neighbor countries. He is a founder of Casa Latina dance club, where he has educated several generations of swing and salsa dancers applying his fundamental approach of the African rooted nature of these major American social dance styles.

Fedor has started dancing as a ballroom dancer in his native city, Cherepovets, Russia, in 1990s, since 1994 a member of “Bomond” dance theatre. Since 1998 Fedor has been living and working actively in St. Petersburg two years after he discovered a world of social dance, traveling abroad and taking classes of its native Masters.

“For me, jazz is not an abstract music, it is, first of a dancing mood, a state of emotional excitement. I don’t follow any particular swingdance styles as all of them create unique swing dance world. I consider musicality, comfort, freedom and partnering to be the most important in dancing”.

Fedor and Alina is a great tandem of interesting and strong dancers whom are often being invited to teach in different dance camps.

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