Igor Kuznetsov

- Boogie Woogie -

Igor’s acquaintance with dancing began with acrobatic rock and roll, when he was still in elementary school. Then he became interested in lindy hop, and since 2010 he began to practice boogie-woogie.
In 2012 he organized his own club with an emphasis on popularizing boogie-woogie among young people. Today he is a professional boogie-woogie trainer, an FTSS judge, a main class dancer, a trainer for members of the Russian junior boogie-woogie team. In addition to boogie-woogie, I am fond of step and breakdancing.

Igor and Olga Kuznetsovy, experienced coaches, run one of the largest boogie-woogie clubs in Russia in Yaroslavl, train prize-winners and winners of all-Russian and international boogie-woogie competitions.

Igor and Boogie Woogie

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- Boogie Woogie -