J.B. Mino

- Lindy hop - Solo jazz -

Jb is from Haute Savoie where he grew. At the age of 17, he discovers the dance, in particular, the Lindy Hop. He begins the swing with Andy Spitz in Lyon and on a year later he meets Thomas Blacharz founder of the SwingJammerz.

This meeting changed his life because he decides to move in Montpellier to learn the Lindy Hop and how to teach. Formed by the Ninjammerz among others, he makes itself a dynamic style and entailing what allows him to win competitions everywhere in Europe.

His teaching is based on the lead and follow and on the technique. Now he’s traveling around the world to teach and perform and he’s running the SwingJammerz Assoc. in Montpellier.

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