Marina Pereleshina

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Marina started swing dancing in 2008, when she began to take lindy hop classes. And in 2009 she got a new hobby — balboa. Since then, dancing has become an integral part of her life. Her first success was achieved in lindy hop, but victories in balboa also did not take long. Since 2012 she is a constant finalist of Russian and international competitions. In 2013 she collected all the prizes and awards at international competitions in the category Jack-n-Jill: 1st place at the festival in Grenoble Tiny balboa, at Swinglandia, in Munich at the Munich Balboa and Shag Weekend, in Toulouse at Frenchie Balboa Festival. Twice she won the Jack-n-Jill at Moscow Christmas Camp (in 2013 and 2014).

In 2010 she coupled up with Valentine and in 2012 they won the Championship of Russia in Balboa, and then many local and foreign competition (1st place in Tantsklass Cup in 2014, 2nd place in Russian Championship 2014, 3rd place in the Amateurs Strictly at All Balboa Weekend 2014 (USA), 2nd place in the Open Strictly at Moscow Balboa Weekend).

Marina and Valentin always seek for improvement and take classes with the best teachers in Europe and the USA. Also, they visit international events and master-classes. They are interested in the history of swing dancing and take their inspiration from great dancers of 1930s and 1940s. In balboa they appreciate a unique feeling of swing and communication through dance.

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