Svetlana Gavrilova

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10 years ago Alexey found dancing for himself and 4 years ago he found Svetlana, who became his wife, and together they found their passion. In their dance, they are able to successfully unite the social and sports sides of Boogie-Woogie.

People, who worked with them, point out their deep understanding of the dance in all of its aspects, ability to explain difficult things in a clear and easy way, their positive attitude and personal approach to every dancer.

Alexey and Svetlana also have big experience in choreography: they made a dance number for the opening of Valentin Udashkin’s show, a choreography for the 30 years’ anniversary of Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll in Russia, a show for the opening of the season of “Dancing in the parks” and many others.

Apart from that Alexey and Svetlana choreographed a boogie-woogie Formation routine, that won the Boogie-Woogie World Championship this year. The Russian national anthem was played for the first time in the history of the Boogie-Woogie WRRC competitions. Alexey and Svetlana are in TOP-10 of the World’s Boogie-Woogie Ranking List and were the first Russian couple who made it to the World Championship’s finals.

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