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The organizers reserve the right to have “unscheduled price increase” in case of a sharp exchange rate jump. Therefore, it is safer to pay for participation in advance and in full.

Full-passes with accomodation*

before October, 31 before November, 30 before December, 25 after December, 25
Single room 525 533 541 549
Twin room 436 444 452 460
Double room 436 444 452 460
Triple room 405 413 421 429
2+2 two rooms 419 427 435 443
General accomodation 340 348 356 364

All passes with accommodation are full passes actually, including
– transfer to the camp on the day of arrival and back at the end of the camp program,
– accommodation in the selected room,
– lunches and dinners (menu set). If you are sure, you’ll be able to wake up for the breakfast (buffet menu, from 8 till 9-10 a.m.), you should choose breakfasts in the menu of tracks/levels as additional options

– all the classes at the main track, bonus classes and lectures,
– participation in cabaret,
– all the parties and party activities.

Passes without accomodation

before October, 31 before November, 30 before December, 25 after December, 25
Classes and parties 261 269 276 284
Parties only 93 98 103 107
Classes only 214 221 227 234

Additional options*

1 buffet style breakfast 6
Visa support (Invitation) 21**
1 lesson if you are not in passes 16
1 party if you are not in passes 21
Participation fee in 1 competition 6

* All these positions are acquired in the camp without registration, breakfasts can be ordered and paid at check-in in advance, if you need an invitation, be sure to select “visa support” during registration.
**For Chinese and Turkish citizens the cost of a tourist voucher will be 36 EURO
. Also, the consulate may require the original of this invitation, shipping to China takes 2-3 business days and costs 57 EURO.


  1. In case you do not have your account or you forgot you had set it up earlier, you should firstly create the account again and activate it: fill in the registration form and follow the instructions in the confirmation letter that will be sent to your mail box. You will get your unique registration number. You need it to pay for the participation, and in case you would like to register as a couple the unique registration number will help us to identify you or your leader/follower.

To register as a couple you should firstly create and activate your accounts, you`ll both get your IDs. Right after that you can register for MXDC as a couple. It is in your interest to register as a couple for the same track (at the stage of registration the level of the leader/follower can be different). Just in this case your couple is guaranteed not to get into the waiting list which is automatically formed if the balance of leaders and followers at the tracks is getting unfavourable.

  1. You should complete the registration indicating:
  • the track
  • the level
  • accommodation (if you want to live with a definite person in a room, indicate the number of the room at the stage of registration, there is the link to the scheme and the description of available rooms right below the window where you choose a room)
  • your partner if you`d like to register as a couple (both of the partners have to indicate each other in the respective field)
  • breakfasts (buffets, choose the days)
  • that you`d like to have vegetarian meal
  1. After registration and choosing the accommodation you have to confirm your participation by paying partially (30% minimum) or fully within 5 days. You will find the payment instructions in the confirmation letter. Please pay attention that partial payment can not stop the set deadlines indexation of the payment.

You will be accommodated in comfortable rooms of the Olympiets hotel, with bathrooms, except mass accommodation option — toilets are at the end of corridor, showers are in the sport hall area.

All prices for 1 person are approximate and depend on the current ruble exchange rate.

If you need an invitation to apply for a visa, be sure to choose “Visa Support” at the stage of registration  and to visit the Visa issues section of the site!

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As soon as you have paid you will receive an electronic cheque where you can find all the data about payment made.

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