Participation rules

- strictly, but fairly -


All participants must wear a bracelet. Without a bracelet, you will not be allowed to classes, parties. You will receive the bracelet in the participant’s envelope. The level corresponds to the one declared during registration. This year we decided to abandon the usual audition procedure, but you should be understanding, if the teacher will recommend you change the level in the first lessons. During the classes assigned people will check the bracelets of the class participants.

Important: participants without a bracelet are not allowed to join the class. Do not put the bracelet off during the camp! Only one bracelet per person!

If you come to the class without a bracelet, please, be prepared that you ‘ll be asked to leave

You can attend a not-your-level class if you are a leader of higher level with the teacher agreement and if your presence does not break the balance.

You can not attend not-your-level classes to “train with my partner out of rotation”.


Registering for Moscow Christmas Camp 2022 you can choose one track. But being a multi-track dancing event we would like you to try new styles or upgrade your multi-dancer skills. So we invented so called open classes for different styles and levels. We ask you to attend these lessons strictly according to your level. This contributes to the productivity of the lesson for all participants.


Official Camp video, prepared by our restless skilled operators, will be available via MXDC channel at You will find videos of camps competitions, Cabaret and shows there, as well as other moments of the camp.
There will be NO CLASSES VIDEO there.
Besides, any participant of the camp can make a video shooting of:

  • classes material (ask your instructors to repeat it in the end of the class)
    Important: video shooting is allowed IN THE END of the class ONLY, you still can non do this during the class. You can upload this video to the web with instructors allowance ONLY
  • any other events of the camp, you consider to be interesting
    Important: sometimes teachers do not allow to record their shows. In this case we’ll let you know, what is allowed or not. Besides, we ask you not to record videos with teachers dancing at the parties without their personal agreement. Please, pay attention to our announcements and be polite to our teachers:).

If your camera catches cool dancing episodes or just something interesting, we’ll be grateful, if you share them with us to upload via an official channel (sure, we’ll mention you as an author).

Thank you!


You can make photos of everyone and everything and we’ll thank you for the best photos we ever had!
We’ll have an official photographer in the camp – we’ll introduce that person to you – and he (or she) will be glad to obtain some of your photos to be officially uploaded to the camp’s web-site. We’ll mention you as an author, of course!