Visa issues

- it is not difficult -


To receive invitations for obtaining a visa, you need to register to participate in the event, check the “visa support” box and send us the following information (passport data):

Name (names, given names)
Second name (Surname) as indicated on passport!
Date of birth (
Number of passport
Issued by…
Date of Issue …. expiry ….
and comments, if you’ve got any 🙂
We make the Invitation from 2 to 9 January. If you need other dates (for example due to tickets) please indicate this together with your passport information.

Dear friends,

most of foreign citizens still need to obtain Russian visa to enter our country.
The list of countries, which have non-visa regime with Russia:

Entering Russia foreigners fill in a Migration card, giving personal information, address of staying etc., Migration card has two equal parts – one is to be taken by the customs officer at the arrival, another one is used to register your stay in local Migration Service (sure, we’ll take care about this process for MXSDC participants) and is taken by the customs officer at the departure. Keep this papers carefully!

The cost of an invitation (tourist voucher) is 21 EURO, but for Chinese and Turkish citizens, the cost of a voucher is 36 EURO. Also, the consulate may require the original of the invitation  for them, and shipping to China takes 2-3 business days and costs 57 EURO.

How to get Russian visa

To manage this you should apply to a diplomatic or a consular representative office of the Russian Federation in person or by your legal representative and should submit the following documents:

  • a valid identity document, accepted as such by the Russian Federation;
  • a completed visa application form with one photograph;
  • one photograph (30×40 mm);
  • a medical insurance policy, unless otherwise provided for by international agreements of the Russian Federation.

Please, note, that you should apply for TOURIST type of visa, because we provide you with an tourist voucher or invitation (if you need it).

You can find more details here:

You can find the addresses of consular missions of Russia here:

See you in Russia!