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Igor Yampolskiy and Polina Yampolskaya — teachers of X-mas camp 17!

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Attention! Meet! Polina Yampolskaya and Igor Yampolskiy are with us in the camp with their bonus lessons (lessons for everyone) about Rhythm and Jazz Body.


Rhythm is one of the fundamentals of any jazz including swing. Therefore it is so important for lindy hop, balboa, and solo jazz. Understanding the rhythm gives the freedom to improvisation because it opens the understanding of music. At the rhythm lessons, Igor will explain such terms as tempo, rhythm, timing, beat, chorus, phrasing, triplets, and swing to dancers — from the point of view of the theory of music and musicians. These lessons are aimed primarily at the understanding the ideas offered by the composer and musicians, and development of musicality and the ability to interpret the music through the dance.

Polina Yampolskaya's "Jazz Body" course.

Jazz body is a body that is at any time ready to respond to environmental changes. Our environment is the music, and the body that is responsive to changes within a piece of music is an improvising body! Improvisation is our goal! Improvisation without stress or tension, without such question as: "Oh, God, what else can I do!!? How do I look like?! What will they think of me !?" and so on. At JazzBody classes we will explore the possibilities of our body and develop musicality because the key to a successful improvisation is a prepared body and a clear understanding of tempo, rhythm, dynamics, and the rest of the nuances of a musical composition.

"Music Body" class.

Hurrah! Finally, our dream has come true, as at our class dancers will work on rhythm and musicality with live musicians! «Bo»Jazz Band and teachers Igor and Polina Yampolsky will conduct a unique lesson, where we can divide music into parts: to hear and to understand the bass line, drums, and keyboards, find these lines in our bodies, understand how they fit and overlap, understand their interactions and, most importantly, determine a place of a dancer in this system. The difference between jazz dancers from variety dancers is that jazzmen don't dance "to" the music, but illustrate the musical process, being its full members. "Music Body" class will help you find yourself in this huge diverse world of jazz music! You will learn to listen, understand, and most importantly to choose the line you want to interpret, the part where you want to follow the musicians, or where you want to express yourselves, where you want to be a rhythm section, or where you want to become a soloist! The choice is a freedom, ladies and gentlemen, and freedom is JAZZ! Come and we will look into it!